Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Try signing your name with your pen in your other hand. It feels strange; you have to stop and think before putting pen to paper.

Learning the importance of “stop and think” is just the start of our safari into the customer service jungle.

On this workshop, you’ll learn why you have an elephant roaming around in your head and how without it, your life would cease to exist.

“‘How to control your Elephant’ gives you the vital knowledge you need when it comes to dealing with difficult or awkward customers…”Hannah Watt
Head of Customer Services
Berkeley Homes

But, your elephant has a dark side. It can become very reactive, because its job is to help you to survive whatever the situation. And despite its bulk, it is lightning fast when provoked!

In the blink of an eye, it can cause a reaction from you that is visible to a customer.

Can you control such a formidable beast?

The answer is YES! And it’s quite easy to learn the techniques.

Once you’ve learnt these techniques a world of choice will open up before you. You’ll discover that whilst you cannot choose what a customer says to you, you CAN have complete choice over how to respond to your customer. This feeling is both enabling, and liberating.

Suddenly, you will find yourself listening to your customer, empathising with your customer, and able to answer the kind of questions in a way that you never thought possible.

You’ll even be able to cope with that most challenging of situations… how to say “NO” to a customer whilst still showing care and empathy.

You’ll be excited by your new-found control but we will bring you back down to earth by emphasising the need to feel empowered in front of your customers.

Lack of empowerment creates fear and fear is an emotion that your elephant finds very attractive. A small dose of it is all it takes to get him to charge

And just when you think you’ve learned it. We will introduce you to the can-can, one of the finest customer service techniques ever invented.

Don’t worry… You won’t have to dance!


Expedition Agenda
The course covers:

What goes on inside your head
(and your customer’s)

How to control yourself

Banish fear forever

The uncanny Can-Can

The “Pen in other hand” technique

Seeking empowerment

Keeping your elephant in its cage

The power of empathy


Expedition Details
How long, how many and who:

Full day’s expedition

Maximum of 12 delegates per safari

Experienced and beginner elephant trainers are welcome

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Accredited CPD Course
Our training courses have now been accredited by the CPD Standards Office. Any delegates attending our How to Control Your Elephant, training course can be issued with a CPD Certificate of Attendance which they can use within their formal CPD record for a professional body, institute or employer.