Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Jenny Cefai | Staff Learning and Development Manager, Anglia Ruskin University

How to control your elephant unjaded the jaded!
Some people have been working here a long time and you can get a bit jaded after a while but after the ‘How to control your Elephant’ course it was clear they didn’t feel jaded anymore!

Even staff members who felt that they’d done this sort of training before had to admit afterwards that “How to control your elephant” is completely different.

“How to control your Elephant inspired continuous reflection.”Jenny Cefai

Malcolm’s enthusiasm and attention to detail impressed
I organised this training for staff at our Cambridge and Chelmsford library campuses and on talking with Malcolm I was confident that the course was going to deliver what we required. Malcolm and I had good communication regarding our needs and it was also great that Malcolm was able to visit us prior to the training.

This meant I was able to give him some background regarding our library staff which gave him a feel for how the training should be delivered. Malcolm’s level of expertise, enthusiasm and his different approach meant that I didn’t have any concerns about running this course.

How to control your elephant inspired continuous reflection
This is not just a training course, if you are going to get the most out of it you must invest some time afterwards reflecting on the training, making sure people engage with the long term effects and benefits of it.

We have certainly followed up with reminders and staff have ongoing catch up discussions, reinforcing the course learning. We’ve even compiled a blog post which we sent to Malcolm, I think he was pleased about that.

We are actually running some follow up sessions now which is being run by an attendee of the course and doing so means that some practical reflection to help reinforce the techniques, tips and tricks we gained from the course are being applied.

How to control your elephant gives incredible value both in cost and expertise
I would certainly recommend this course and if you are thinking, ‘would it fit my team’, then talk to Malcolm as he is very keen to understand the dynamics of the company and team that he’s going to be training.

For what it costs this course offers incredible value and it was very beneficial for our staff. It just showed some staff that have been here a long time that there is always something to be learnt and I got good anecdotal feedback immediately after the course. They wanted to follow up with discussion sessions helping to reinforce the the techniques, tips and tricks gained from the course. Oh and they love the cuddly elephant too.