Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Mark Gammaidoni | Site Manager, Bellway Homes Limited

You learn the why’s and not just the how’s…

…I have been on a few customer care courses previously and How to Control your Elephant isn’t your bog standard course where you are told simply how to behave with your customers, with this course you learn why you behave in a certain way. This then helps to put into practice how you deal with your customers effectively. I have found knowing this has really stuck with me and I purposefully take time out now to step back and ‘put the pen in the other hand’.

A lot of this course (How to Control your Elephant) did reiterate what I had already learned on previous courses, I think that is great as everyone needs freshening up from time to time, but it gave the information in such a different way it meant I could really hang on to what I have learned.

“Really memorable, great fun, grabs your attention. Teaches you how to deliver the service you would expect.”Mark Gammaidoni

The training course was varied, relaxed and fun
The morning had varied tasks and videos for us all to do and watch, it was all designed to show you how your brain works and why you react a certain way. Malcolm explained it all in a memorable way and it was great fun. Like they say… time flies.

I have always considered myself to be quite good with customers but I have learned something new
I have had occasions where I have been reactive with a customer, when a customer is upset with you it is difficult for it not to become personal sometimes and there is a limit to what you can take. We learned about trying to understand the customers’ point of view, to take a step back and deliver the service you would expect to receive yourself.

In-house are great at what they do – they train and you learn but they make it enjoyable
I have attended courses provided by In-house before and I always find them to be very approachable and very easy to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they make their courses enjoyable. Most Site Managers are used to being out on site all day so to be sat in any one room for longer than a few hours can make most site managers a bit fidgety. So, any course for us needs to be entertaining, to keep us occupied and that is just what In-house do.

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone in a customer serving role
I think this course is beneficial to anyone who is involved with customers, in any industry, most people are involved with customers some way or another nowadays. I think customer care is such a big part of our world now and I don’t think you would last very long in a job if you weren’t customer focussed. I have learned that there is the odd customer that is really challenging but you can’t afford to treat them any differently.