Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Hannah Watt | Head of Customer Service, Berkeley Homes Eastern Counties

We learned how to say no whilst making sure the customer still felt special.

The most important thing we took away was the ‘can-can’ approach
Since the training I’ve noticed we’ve frequently used the ‘can-can’ approach when speaking with our customers. In our line of business saying no is the most difficult thing you can say to a customer, but we learned how to say no whilst making sure the customer still felt special and valued behind our reasoning. For example, whilst there might be something we can’t do for a customer, we now try to offer something we can do, no matter how small.

“‘How to Control your Elephant’ gives you the vital knowledge you need when it comes to dealing with difficult or awkward customers…”Hannah Watt

The course teaches you how you can consider your customers feelings
It was explained to us that by asking open questions to customers can gauge more of a response from them. I think responding to customers in an engaging and open way allows you to deal with their issues so they don’t feel closed off. Our approach has changed since the training; it’s a very good course and it has been very beneficial.

Malcolm was very good at delivering the course to us
This course was presented to us in a very engaging and very interactive way. Everyone had a part to play throughout the day and we really enjoyed the course. We’ve taken away some useful things and we’ve already put them into practice, like the ‘Can-Can’.

I would definitely recommend ‘How to Control your Elephant’
…because it gave us the opportunity to get together as a team, away from our everyday environment, and see what improvements we could make. We might make small improvements but we know the benefits will be big when it comes to dealing with our customers.