Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Brenda Gilmartin | Head of Customer Service, Cala Homes (East)

With a lot of training courses the content can be wild and you’re not sure how it will fit in…

…but ‘How to control your Elephant’ came across as realistic and relevant to us and the industry we’re in. For example, ‘the can-can’ element was something I really took away, because it really showed how you can best deal with the whole customer experience and achieving a positive outcome at the end.

“This course will guarantee you take something new away.”Brenda Gilmartin

The way Malcolm presented the course was excellent
He was very open and he put everyone at ease. His presentation style on the course was very refreshing and it allowed people to come out and get involved even more. He said there were no wrong answers and he wasn’t afraid of having some fun with the members of staff who attended, me included!

I would definitely recommend ‘How to control your Elephant’…
…because I’m a big fan and I’d recommend it 100% to anyone in any industry. It’s relevant to everyday life and the scenarios were brilliant. No matter how much someone says they know about customer service this course will guarantee they take something new away. I can’t fault anything about the course; the content, the length and the scenarios were all very good.