Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Kate Parker | Assistant to the Managing Director, City & Country

‘How to control your Elephant’ sets the bar for how a training course should be run…

The name of the course gets you thinking ‘what is this?’
It’s not a normal customer service training course and the name is a bit tongue in cheek. Most people will respond to a training course in a negative way, thinking it will be dull and boring, but with this we had to really wait and see, and it really was worth the wait.

“Sets the bar for how a training course should be run.”Kate Parker

The course was brilliant and Malcolm is a fantastic trainer
The course was engaging throughout the whole day and the time flew by. It was extremely good and enjoyable -I can’t speak highly enough about it. This course sets the bar for how training courses should be run. We made a business decision to take a day out, hire an office and get Malcolm here for the day, and his course sets the precedent.

Malcolm gets you thinking about different ways and approaches to problems
In one exercise he takes you out of the room and asks you a series of quick fire round questions, it puts you under pressure, but it makes you stop and think about how to answer. The group was a really good size, everyone was involved answering questions and providing feedback so each person benefitted from the course.

The course takes into account everyday life and not just customer service
I know there are things I will definitely take from the course; whether it’s dealing with customers, agencies or colleagues, and there is a further theory behind the training and it helps with your professional attitude at work and general business practice.

I would definitely recommend In-house’s ‘How to control your Elephant’ course…
…because it makes you think twice about how you speak to people and it changes your attitude to dealing with a difficult problem or situation. Having this training has shown me I can deal with situations better, whether it’s mentally challenging or being confronted by an angry or unhappy customer. It’s never nice to hear bad things, but ‘How to control your Elephant’ has given us the tools to effectively deal with these situations.