Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Steve Brown | Customer Service, J S Wright & Co. Ltd.

How to Control your Elephant makes you think…

When you start the course, you’re thinking, ‘where is he going with this’ but then as the course goes on it become clearer. There is a method behind the madness if you like. As it gets clearer you can begin to understand what you can take back to the work place.

“I’ve already noticed a difference as to how people respond to you.”Steve Brown

It’s a simple, jargon-free course that gets positive results without overloading the brain
There are key points that are easy to remember, like using empathy and the “pen in the other hand” techniques. The booklet that is used in the course is on my desk now and I have actually started to use some of the techniques on calls. I’ve already notice a difference as to how people respond to you.

I have come back from the course and recommended it to others
It’s the simplicity of it, there were a lot of different levels of attendees on this course, from directors to sales administrators and I think everyone picked up something that they could take away and use in their particular areas. I’d say to anyone who goes on the course, it might feel a bit strange at first but persevere with it as it does get positive results.