Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Mary Grant | Sales & Marketing Manager, Robertson Homes

‘How to control your Elephant’ is a real eye opener in how to deal with anger and aggression when it comes to difficult situations…

“It’s a real eye-opener in how to deal with anger and aggression when it comes to difficult situations.”Mary Grant

The best thing was realising we have an elephant to control
There’s a real mirror in our behaviour to that of an elephant, especially when it comes to anger and aggression, both professionally and personally. It’s knowing how to deal with an argument or difficult situation and that’s what this course teaches you. For example, if I’m driving and feel myself becoming angry with something I know how to control my own elephant.

My whole team has adopted the ‘can-can’ approach
We didn’t really know what to expect from the course, but it has taught us how to be a lot more customer focussed. One of the things we learnt was the ‘can-can’ and the team thinks it’s great. For instance, there might be things we can’t do for customers, but we’re working to say what we can do and it really does work.

One of the best training courses we’ve ever done
The whole team thoroughly enjoyed the training and it has been really worthwhile. We’re still talking about it now and we’re still using elements that Malcolm delivered to us. We are really seeing a change in how we’re dealing with our customers and it has really helped us.

I would absolutely recommend ‘How to control your Elephant’…
…because it’s a brilliant course and I think it would benefit a lot of other businesses and companies in different industries.