Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Chris Gilbert | Operations Director, St James Development

Training courses don’t provide value if staff are sitting there wondering “why am I here?”…

“It captured the attention of everyone who attended.”Chris Gilbert

…but In-house’s Dealing With Customers course offered good value by capturing the attention of everybody who attended. I think we all came away thinking we’d learned something or could approach things a bit differently and the talk about the course in the office since then demonstrates this.

The course was presented in a participatory and interactive way
Malcolm didn’t stand and preach to us, but presented the course in a participatory and interactive way which I think motivated people and got them thinking about what they were doing. The videos demonstrated how badly things can be handled and the case studies were also very useful in showing us the importance of listening to our customers.

The important thing is the course is presented by people with industry expertise
Many people claim to understand our industry but then can’t actually deliver, so I think the important thing about this course is that it is delivered by people who not only claim to have industry expertise, but they do. So I would recommend In-house for that reason.