Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Douglas Barton | Customer Care Manager, St Modwen

The problem with some one day training courses is they can overload you with too much information…

…so the best feature of In-house’s online customer service training course was that it was spread over a number of weeks. It allowed me to gain experience as we went along and practice what I was learning in between sessions.

“Accessible and thoroughly enjoyable training.”Douglas Barton

The course is accessible and worked very well
In-house were recommended by my manager who had worked with them before and after talking to Malcolm Pitcher I realised their online training course would be the best option for me and it worked very well. Taking place every Friday morning via telephone and internet connection I found it to be a very accessible way of training. The online materials provided by Malcolm were all very good and I have continued to use them since.

Better understanding by thinking from the customer’s view point
The training highlighted areas that I could work on in terms of changing my attitude and helped me to gain a better understanding of customer service by thinking about things from the customer’s point of view and learning how to resolve situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training
I would recommend In-house’s training because I got on very well with Malcolm, even though I didn’t actually meet him. The training was very good and has been successful; I got everything from it that I needed and thoroughly enjoyed it as well.