Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Susan Hudson | Learning & Development Manager, Stewart Milne Group

With some courses you go on, you wonder “is it really worth it?” but this course is. It gets you thinking in a positive way…

‘How to control your Elephant’ updates your techniques and gives you skills to use every day. It’s a very positive course, interesting and of great benefit.

“It’s a very positive course, interesting and of great benefit.”Susan Hudson

Malcolm was well prepared with various tools and learning material
It wasn’t one of those courses where the trainer was rummaging around in boxes for bits and pieces, everything was well prepared. The video used was fun but gave a good message and the accessories – the course flip-book, elephant globe and pen, serve as a good reminder. The big stuffed elephant we were given sits proudly on a desk in sales and serves as a nice touch that reinforces the message of the course.

There’s a good level of interaction
Bearing in mind it was 7 hours in one room, I felt that it was spot on with the quality of what was delivered and engaging enough to keep us involved. It was pitched correctly and you didn’t come away completely numb with too much information.

The course book is a great daily reminder
Malcolm urged us to use it as a way to refresh ourselves every day. This was a really good tip. It’s a great tool to help you remind yourself and reinforce the techniques and skills picked up on the course.

To create a uniform message this course should be for your entire company
I would definitely recommend this course; I believe it should be delivered across a whole company. Not just delivered to the obvious groups like customer services or sales but delivered to those that don’t interact so much with the client or customer. Delivering the course to all parts of a business means that the company then has a uniform message it can deliver.

I’m looking forward to the follow up course
I felt How to control your Elephant was a worthwhile and beneficial course and I did ask if there was a follow up or advanced course, maybe ‘An elephant never forgets’ course?