Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

James Field | Production Manager, Taylor Wimpey Southern Counties

Before the course, I was concerned that the training wouldn’t be what I’d asked for and that I’d have taken people off site for nothing…

…but I needn’t have worried, because Malcolm delivered exactly what I asked him to.

“I’m so impressed at how Malcolm motivates participants.”James Field

I was very happy with the course
I’d asked Malcolm to give the site managers the knowledge and thinking behind what goes into customer care – the reasons for why we do things the way we do; and I was very happy with the course, because that’s exactly what Malcolm delivered.

I’m so impressed at how Malcolm motivates participants
Initially, there was some scepticism from delegates. One or two were reluctant to come on the course and wanted to be excused. Afterwards they were saying how worthwhile it was. To see that situation turned around and to get such positive feedback from people who didn’t initially want to be there is really something.

The techniques we were taught are pithy and memorable
We keep hearing some of Malcolm’s little one-liners floating around the business, especially the ‘Can-Can’. Even our Customer Services Manager has learned something new. She has changed the way she finishes letters, ending on a positive note rather than on what we can’t do, and acknowledges that this is a direct result of having been on the course. I am curious to see the impact these techniques will have on our customer satisfaction scores. Hopefully they should improve!

I would definitely recommend this course
Customer service is such an important part of any business and yet all too often we expect people to know and do it naturally. Our managers are trained in all other aspects of the business – site management, health and safety, how to sell a house, but customer service is an important part of the jigsaw too. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to commission this course, to redress that imbalance, and that’s why I would recommend others do so too.