Advanced Customer Service Training Workshop

How to Control your Elephant

Case Study

Kevan Wildy | Training Manager, Thamesdown Transport

Despite being recommended to us, we hadn’t worked with In-house before so I was concerned about whether they were genuine and if they would deliver what we wanted…

…but I needn’t have worried, because everybody that attended the course enjoyed it and got something out of it.

“Using the techniques has seen very happy customers.”Kevan Wildy

We are thinking more about what we’re saying and doing
The key feature that we’ve all remembered from Malcolm’s course is the importance of the word ‘can’. We’re a close-knit team and we often give each other a nudge, semi-jokingly, and remind each other ‘yes you can’ and that keeps it fresh in people’s minds. I have found that people are really thinking about what they’re saying and doing and thinking beyond where we would have thought before and it’s already affecting everyday life.

We’ve had some fantastic comments from customers
Since the course I don’t think we’ve got to the point where we’ve had to say ‘we can’t do that’. In a recent incident, where we were unable to fix the immediate problem, we were able to think about all the things we could do to help the customer. And we’ve seen immediate results because we’ve had customers who have told us that ‘Thamesdown has been brilliant’, and that we’ve ‘bent over backwards to help’. One customer called in to tell one of the managers how well everything had been handled and dealt with. Those kinds of comments are fantastic and are really encouraging.

The course has helped us deal with problems with more confidence
We’ve always tried to tell our staff not to be afraid to make decisions and that it’s far better to make a decision and do something than feel as if you’re not allowed to or to dither. Now we’ve learned to take a breath before doing something and to let people talk to you, because when they’re talking to you it gives you even more time to make decisions and I think all of this has helped everyone’s confidence.

It’s been a good experience from start to finish

I wouldn’t have any doubts about recommending In-house for customer service training not only because of what people have learned but that they enjoyed the day and that makes a difference. From start to finish it’s been a good experience, for us arranging it and for the people that were on the course as well.